After reinstalling the suspension, it is helpful to devote a little time to a test session. Put the bike on a stand that allows the suspension to fully extend. At the top-end though, advancements in carbon fibre are making composites the material of choice on flagship models. Turn your adjuster, counting each click, until you reach the stop. While the rear systems are still very much restricted to the top end race teams, air forks are very much in evidence in the motocross market, although customer response has varied between enthusiastic and sceptical. He's a beta dealer mechanic and experienced suspension tuner. Manufacturers designed Enduro mountain bikes to meet the riders’ specific needs by ensuring that these bikes feature a suspension length of at least 150mm. Suspension: 97kg rider meant heavier springs require. It is the most expensive of the lot, by a fair margin. As far as suspension goes, I started out with and stuck with my pretty standard go to of ~ 20% sag up front and ~ 30% out back settling in nicely right away. The 2022 KTM EXC range perfectly combines cutting-edge technology with peerless agility and unbeatable performance to set the global standards in offroad motorcycling. We’re pleased to work with people far and wide when it comes to tuning the suspension on all types of bikes! Looking at the bike’s headline numbers, it is clearly targeted at hardcore enduro and downhill riders. The 2020 FC450 is not suited for Pro-speed riders, either in suspension setup or throttle response. Going through this process is necessary to make sure your new bike performs as it was designed. All our work comes backed with a 30-day Warranty period, and … This story is part of Mtbr's 2014 Enduro Compare-O. Check out their system that can capture and analyze suspension to help you setup and tune your bike. A smooth powerful motor.The bike is set up for taller riders over 5ft 10″ (hint get thicker soles on your boots if you cant flat foot on one side). This has stock suspension revalved soft... Changes in suspension brands and tire sponsorships could arguably make a larger difference for riders at the top of the sport than a frame swap, and for some teams, those changes come with every new season. A small groove serves a purpose as a transfer port, balancing the positive and negative chamber pressures when the fork sits at its SAG point. The registration for all three races is open now. A sizeable proportion of this year’s Dirt 100 enduro bikes still have the RockShox Pike as a standard and integral part of the trim. Rolling stock will be stronger as a … MH SUSPENSION LTD IS THE NO.1 MOTORCYCLE SUSPENSION SPECIALIST FOR ADVANCED SUSPENSION TECHNOLOGY. Various tunes are available, with the medium tune being recommended for aggressive riders. On Dec 17, 2020 Last updated Dec 17 , 2020. The motorcycle riders have different riding styles which change according to the road conditions. Thanks guys. With MI’s Enduro Pro suspension data acquisition system, you can tune your bike at the trailside without ever having to go back to your tent. This makes the revs build slower to give the rider a smoother power delivery, without zapping horse power or torque. Featuri… Read More; Paul Hoyle 8th Jun 2021. Revalve Control technology is available exclusively from Kreft Moto. These races combine fun and physical endurance. Ride the course a couple of times, and readjust as necessary, then, ride again. Adjusting how firm the spring is. We can service, rebuild, lower and revalve your suspension. MI will provide data to allow you to better balance your bike, understand what your suspension is doing over different terrain, and make smart adjustments. Not for intermediate or slow riders, as the geometry and set-up come to alive on faster trails! It’s just 410 mm long in size L, … Johnny walkers 300 Versatile enduro bike on 29-inch wheels for riders on the beginning of gravity mountain biking adventure. Less Hang-Up. The best Enduro mtb is a tough and robust full-suspension one made of carbon or aluminium. Our air spring modifications make the XACT/AER48 more reliable, more plush, and settle the front end for improved cornering. With suspension travel ranging from 150-180mm, Enduro bikes are much burlier than their shorter travel counterparts. Both these guys have reached the finish of Dakar many times with Dr Shox re-valved Marzocchi suspension. For Strong Intermediate through Expert riders, this is the crowd the bikes are built for. These days, Jeff pretty much works exclusively on KTMs. competition, or simply make your riding experience much better. Suspension Setup Guide. Salsa’s Timberjack is a trail bike for riders … Setting Rider Sag. Husqvarna FC 450 with Kreft Moto suspension, including AER Revalve Control, Shock Revalve, and Microfinishing. Adventure bikes are made for smooth and rough tarmac and hard packed dry dirt.If you put on more knobby tyres u can handle more mud … There was speculation that riders would be opting for dual suspension bikes and dropper posts to assist on the more challenging A-lines but it wasn’t to be. At Suspension Matters we use our motorcycle trade and Race Tech qualifications to professionally setup modern dirt bikes. This is called “top out.” Step 6: Set Rear Loaded Sag Also known as race sag, loaded sag is the amount of suspension displaced by the load applied to the vehicle; for example, the weight of the rider plus gear, luggage, etc. We specialize in the suspension of Enduro, trail and adventure bikes. The Yeti SB150 is a popular, podium-winning enduro MTB racing bike with a super-long wheelbase and massive amounts of travel. Standard shock spring is 69N/mm, we needed 72N/mm. Konflict Motorsports & Suspension Services is proud to offer dynamic solutions backed by hours of exhaustive research and development. If you are hard charging, riding nothing but the gnarliest terrain, then downhill bikes are amazing! It also introduces a 160mm Fox 36 Float Factory front fork, a lightweight SRAM X1 Eagle 148 DUB crankset, and a 12-speed SRAM XG1295 Eagle drivetrain, giving riders some of the finest components in the industry. delegalization) would leave few riders jonesing for more ponies. The Slash has long been Trek’s solution for enduro riders and racers. We need to start with setting the sag on the shock, which seems a curious place to … KTM 690 Enduro Suspension Woes -- Now Cured! Skip to content. The Specialized Stumpjumper is the most popular mountain bike ever, a trail bike that handles everything from cross-country to enduro. SP Suggestions for Tuning Your Beta Suspension. Beta came out of the blocks with an all-new 300RR machine for 2020. Set the correct sag and dial in the rebound with the 20 clicks of adjustment. Since many of the racing courses include public roads and off road segments, most riders have dual purpose bikes that can legally be ridden both on and off road. It’s more trials like. One of the major changes on the current XC World Champion Jordan Sarrou's bike is a more firm suspension setup. But even then, the forks remain limited to a single spring, single valve, and no ability for rider adjustments to compression damping. It’s not only the shifting colour but also the innovative rear suspension design that attracts attention. While most riders change the mufflers on their new motorcycle first, the most important modification to any motorcycle is the suspension, according to suspension expert Sam Simmons of Oliver’s Motorcycles. He was the resident suspension expert on and Rust Magazine and has tuned for a “who’s who” of top factory teams and riders (MX, OFF ROAD, GNCC, WORCS & NATIONAL ENDURO). This suspension setup provides riders … These motorcycles offer riding modes thru’ which the rider can choose the motorcycle’s riding dynamics. Your suspension will receive only the best quality seals, springs, oils and replacement parts. Because the top tube is slung lower, the new Switchblade has better standover clearance while still accommodating a full-size water bottle inside the mainframe. For both front and rear suspension, manufacturers have been developing suspension systems that use air rather than conventional springs, backed up with oil damping. I do not hesitate to recommend him to any parents of junior riders wanting to get a better suspension setup for their bikes. Our custom off road suspension builds account for your weight, riding ability, terrain/style, and preferred parts. Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by ... Jeff still works with several national level riders and teams in addition to ordinary trail riders like you and me. This makes them much better suited to big drops, big hits and big air. Setup is just as easy as the Monarch RT3. Since he’s been in Australia he’s … Sam is from the UK where he spent eight years as a professional motocross racer and worked in the factory Yamaha team’s suspension workshop. This machine begs adv riders for … KTM’s factory GNCC, national enduro, EnduroCross and desert riders all ride XC versions, which is exactly what that model is made for: high-end racing. Revalve Control technology is available exclusively through Kreft Moto. For the most part, it is so they have the most potent package on the starting line, but part of this is also just image, motocross bikes look more badass than ones with headlights. Alfredo uses the WP factory Traxx set-up on the rear. Best Full-Suspension Enduro Setup. Works Enduro Rider by Drew Smith wp kyb showa kayaba enduro harew scramble gncc extreme enduro ecea netra forks shocks ohlins steering damper wer revalve suspension experts sachs marzocchi beta gas gas honda yamaha suzuki kawasaki sherco ktm husqvarna vintage motocross . open position when the lever is turned up, towards the top tube. Nevertheless, it’s for riders who want the enduro/adventure looks and some off-road capability. Share (1) Race sag. Fork Rebuild & Oil Change We completely disassemble your forks and valve stack, clean all components, and refill the forks with new suspension fluid set to the proper height. The sort of rider that’s more likely to use it for hops to work, meetups and the occasional road-trip. Top Enduro riders combine the full skill set of physical fitness, mental stamina and bike handling skills within their performance. When we revalve the shock we can make it to whatever the owner requires, we are not restricted by the OEM setup. Since 1972 GT Bicycles has proudly been developing bikes, for every type of rider, with a consistent mission. 1. Versatile enduro bike on 27.5-inch wheels for riders on the beginnin ... X-Fusion suspension set, wide range 11-46T cassette for easier uphilling or 4-pistons Shimano hydraulic disc brakes which makes you more confident on the downhills. … One downside when compared to elastomer seatposts is softer coils can rob some of the power from the pedal downstroke, particularly when climbing. This in combination with a lightweight chassis, top-shelf components, and groundbreaking TPI fuel-injection technology, this … Consider this: There are two elements of your suspension that you may or may not have control over: First is spring tension, second is shock damping. Completely new Enduro dual-suspension e-bike w/ high-tech carbon frame and 29/27.5" wheels ; Classy 170 mm chassis from Fox: 38 Float Performance Elite eMTB+/Float DPX2 Performance; Perfectly integrated, new Shimano EP8 drive plus 720 Wh battery for new climbing records; Smartphone charging socket (USB-C) on top tube; High-end components from Acros, e*thirteen plus Schwalbe 2.6" tires; … Salsa Rustler Carbon SLX is intended for both hustling and flowing around the trails with a suspension setup … Some riders prefer a sporty ride while others prefer a comfortable ride. In street-legal ready to ride trim the bike comes in at 291 lbs. The combination of front and rear suspension sucks up the impact of roots, rocks, and bumps, lets us drop and jump without taking the full impact on our bodies, and keeps the tail on the trail no matter how percussive the ride gets. DRT 3.3 is meant as a stepping stone in the full suspension world, especially for riders who plan to stick around. There can, however, only be real improvement when the KTM aftermarket parts are developed in a way that guarantees the highest quality. suspension set up instructions front sag place sled flat on level ground and not on dollies or a lift of any sort. How to set suspension rebound and compression damping. This makes an enduro bike far more comfy to ride for long periods. Standard fork springs are 4.2N/mm, we needed 4.4N/mm. Here at 707 Racing Suspension, we have the tools, knowledge, and experience to get your KYB, WP, Showa, Marzocchi, or Sachs Fork working to its greatest potential. Follow these simple steps to optimize your suspension performance. KONFLICT SUSPENSION SERVICES OVERVIEW. Tuning and maintenance of forks, shocks, etc. In 2019 the best Enduro riders will compete at the three Bike Festivals in Garda Trentino, Willingen and Saalfelden Leogang. Fastlap offers all the latest hot setups, anything from titanium nitride coatings to billet custom made valves and custom tailored shim stacks. Riders can customize their fit and suspension tuning by using the brand's 'Ride Aligned Setup Guide'. Although it seemed like many brands were phasing out aluminum models completely a few years ago, the material ha… Dr Shox is racing with or has raced with the following top riders … This guide covers how the Stumpjumper changed from 2016 to 2021, and differences in geometry and suspension travel between models like the Stumpjumper 29, 27.5, ST, EVO, and 6Fattie. Motion Instruments Working to Bring Detailed Suspension Data Acquisition to Riders Like You - Sea Otter Classic 1. The new Enduro was built to conquer long, treacherous enduro races in which riders are required to climb to the top of the mountain and then be timed on the way back down. It was setup in 1989 by Mark Hammond following 6 years as a top motorbike suspension and race technician on the Moto X Grand Prix circuit, along with 2 years at WP Suspension in Holland. Beta recommended suspension settings for 2020 Race Edition models. While I think the tune for the rear shock was mainly good, I was surprised to eventually find myself with the rebound completely closed. Beryl D2 - For Riders by Riders. Virtually all the riders were on the same lightweight hardtails that they always ride and there wasn’t a dropper post in sight. Standard damping settings worked best for mixed terrain of woods and open field test: Fork: preload: 2 turns, compression: 20 clicks, rebound 18 clicks. Jordan's mechanic says this is … Not if you find a good suspension shop that doesn't feel the need to rape you. Evil Insurgent V2 - Two Configurations, 27.5 and Mullet Setup's. The bike utilizes Yeti’s Switch Infinity suspension. The 701 is capable enough for a novice to believe he’ll be entering the Dakar within a few weeks. Not to say that it is comparable with other 250cc enduro bikes in this trim, but it does suggest that completion of the transformation (a.k.a. ENGINE. The DNA of … This is a tremendous advantage that few riders have had the opportunity to experience. Trek Slash Enduro Bike. “Suspension” is What We Do. Riders can set both DWC and DTC to one of 8 different levels, or simply deactivate them. Competitive guys around here use Ohlins suspension - forks and rear shock or cartridge inserts and rear shock - or the WP top variant: cone valve forks and Trax rear shock. I had the chance to ride the bike of one of my friends equipped with cone valve / Trax suspension. It was day and night compared to my bike. THe wee strom is the best sorted all round adventure bike-popular world wide and a lot cheaper than a BMw. With coil sprung suspension, the firmness of the spring is is dictated by the coil spring used. The correct spring rate, specified for the rider’s weight, and customized valving tuned for application and skill level is required for a proper setup on the RM-Z250. The YZ125X is a good enduro woods bike for younger and lighter riders. For 2021, Trek sought to secure its place as a top contender by updating the new Slash with cutting-edge geometry, practical features such as integrated downtube storage and a suspension system that performs second to none. MSRP $4,799. Here we have the Co-op Cycles DRT 3.3 which introduces mid-range riders to the dual suspension world with ease. Rear Suspension Set-Up. Selva R represents the “state-of-the-art” of custom tuning for MTB forks.The 2Air technology allows a very precise tuning of the air side. A bike to accommodate any riding demand or meet any racing aspiration. Taddy Blazusiak and Jonny Walker both ride with PDS rear suspension in Super Enduro, their version of EnduroCross. At Suspension Matters we use our motorcycle trade and Race Tech qualifications to professionally setup modern dirt bikes. FAQ; Board index ‹ Suspension; Change font size; Print view; SP Suggestions for Tuning Your Beta Suspension. Enduro/ All Mountain Current Slide DH AM FR Dirt Jump XC Race. More Speed. Basic stuff but these two aspects of set up are often ignored … THE BASICS. Suspension set up is crucial for downhill bikes, have it too hard and it will feel like you’re riding a shopping trolley – too soft and there’s not much point in having it at all as you’ll just blow right through it. The Suspension. Adjusting the setting is necessary. Revalve forks, and shock, respring shock (fork springs are way stiff enough for most riders), cost me less then $500 from SMS Racing. On full power it’s a bit of a handful, but dial in a softer power delivery mode and just ride that torque – a wonderful experience. by stillwellperformance » Sun Jan 11, 2015 9:11 pm . Especially when those KTM aftermarket parts have to do with the suspension. For this reason Enduro Engineering has included a summary of basic suspension tuning and common problems experienced while setting up your bike for different terrain and riding conditions. Based on what I've been able gather about Graham Jarvis's bike along with my mediocre knowledge of trials bike suspension setup on my Montesa, I bet that KDX is probably pretty well setup for hard enduro in 100% stock configuration, soft, supple with minimal dampening. It is expensive, but the value is there also. Until that happens, if you have the right set of demands—and desert riders will know what we are talking about—the 2019 KTM 690 Enduro R is a … Pivot Firebird Carbon Pro X01 Eagle Enduro Bike. SUSPENSION TESTING AND ADJUSTMENT. The online setup guide allows riders to enter their gender, height, weight, and bike model and then gives specific numbers for things like bar width and height, and suspension … There are full suspension bikes on the market that suit just about any conditions and riding style. Pivot Firebird at a Glance: Frame: Carbon fiber. Cane Creek Double Barrel Air IL at a Glance: Spring: Air spring. View fullsize. It features a controlled end-stroke and a rate-curve that feels more capable than the travel would suggest. The same suspension data acquisition technology that Greg Minnaar uses to dial in his World Cup downhill bike will be available for all. As with the other shocks, the firm setting is best suited for long fire road Suspension setup / Trek mountain bikes are incredibly sophisticated and require a small amount of set up for the individual rider. RIDERS. This iteration is visibly different from the old design and now features a lower link located above the BB. Suspension Re-Valving & Servicing. If you want suspension set up then take everything into account, yikes potato, potato. Not only did they set up the suspension perfectly, but also did all the engine work and tune at a great price. Locked and loaded for adventure. yes, they all do. I'm living in Romania :))) Measure from the axle center vertically to a point on the chassis. Seat height. The top models are likely to be one of the biggest investments you’ll … The new Range is a 29er designed for enduro riding, no matter if you're on the racecourse or tackling big backcountry days. Also as-standard on the Multistrada 1260 Enduro is Vehicle Hold Control (VHC), which makes uphill starts easier, especially with a full load. The GS, however, also gains adjustable hand levers, dash-located USB ports, and additional riding modes including Enduro and Dynamic, as well as an optional Low Suspension spec. Suspension tuning isn't rocket science, and if you follow step-by-step procedures you can make remarkable improvements in your bike's handling characteristics. The Scott Enduro Series is, […] Even a 5-10 psi difference in suspension setup can make the difference between, "This bike is sweet!" Enduro If you plan on enduro racing, you'll want to invest in a specific enduro bike. MSRP $8,000 JensonUSA. Ashley & Melissa Attend Enduro Training. DH and enduro riders ... “I feel really stoked about the suspension setup and I’ve made a few key changes like having a new trainer and sports psychologist. Here's a basic tips on setting up your suspension for maximum ride results. From 2000 to 2012 the shock setting (damping) was suited to faster riders who used the DRZ for enduro type work. and "This bike feels terrible." When we think of a mountain bike, we think of full suspension. The Transition Ripcord is a trail-ready full suspension mountain bike for younger riders. MH Suspension are also agents for Kayaba and Showa suspension. He likes it much softer than standard. In size L, the frame has a reach of 480 mm combined with a tall front end (641 mm stack). Long Travel, Wide Tyres, Tough Components . If suspension bottoms in big bump or hollow, it should not automatically mean that the suspension should be set more hard. This is best achieved by setting up a short course, one mile or less, that includes obstacles that you normally encounter in your riding. It wasn't until 1990 that the company decided to focus on the production of front suspension forks for bicycles. A sizeable proportion of this year’s Dirt 100 enduro bikes still have the RockShox Pike as a standard and integral part of the trim. For tech-savvy riders, the wheels can start rolling with the 2022 KTM SX-E 5, the latest incarnation of a high-end electric mini-crosser that can grow together with the … Revalve Control also makes it possible to try different valving settings quickly and easily, helping you understand your preferences and zero in on your ideal suspension setup. With a top speed of nearly 120mph and a four-gallon tank affording a nearly 230-mile range, the GS is also perfect for eating up miles on road trips and long-distance rides — as the GS moniker would … KTM has quite a few 2 stroke bikes designed for woods and trail riding. The RUST set-up in a nutshell. Service but then we use our tried and tested valving and setup modifications to get your bike suited to your type of riding to get it working for Motocross, Enduro, Desert or … Australia's leading mountain bike specific store stocking all your accessories and the best bikes from Giant, Norco, Yeti, Santa Cruz, Forbidden, Evil, Devinci … With size-specific geometry, high pivot point rear suspension and intricate carbon frame construction, Norco hopes the 2022 Range is a no-compromises enduro machine While we have some amazing content to help explain the different tires, we noticed riders are still a bit lost when it comes to solid front and rear tire combos and why you might want to ride certain treads over others. Whether a motorcycle has adjustable or non-adjustable suspension, it comes from the factory with the suspension set up for a single rider – even if it’s a dual-seat bike – weighing about 75-85kg. Our Story Starts 35 years ago. These guys you are referencing here...Are they riding Extreme hard enduro? Park Shredder or Enduro Racer? The Insurgent is available in … While most were on 29ers, a few were sporting 27.5 wheels. Riders in the 180lb+ range and more aggressive riders who like the feel of more mid-stroke support will generally prefer the middle setting. At 180 pounds, one can’t help but wonder how that would work out for heavier riders. That mission is the same reason everybody throws a leg over their very first bike – pure fun, plain and simple. Southern Racing Suspension is located in Perth, Western Australia in the suburb of Bedfordale. Established in 1972, Dah Ken Industrial Co., Ltd. was initially set up to produce car and motorcycle parts. Properly rated springs will set the bike at optimal height to use available suspension travel, and AMP's valving upgrades make notable improvements to stock valving that are sufficient to satisfy the expectations of many riders.
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